Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 Apr 2012 (Tue) - Tuna Tataki with Butter Soya Sauce Pasta and Steamed Milk Custard (炖奶)

Recently read about this article on Japanese pasta, or wafu pasta in the April issue of Her World magazine and got to know that it actually meant the pairing of "Italian noodles with Nippon flavours". Looked at the few dishes recommended for the different restaurants and decided to attempt to cook something similar by combining the two of the five dishes I saw. A new term that I learnt from the article is Tataki, which means the searing of meat or fish briefly over a hot flame or pan.

Cooking the pasta and the tuna was fairly easy, the difficult part was getting the sauce right. It was only on my second attempt that I managed to get it about right. Tried to slice the tuna thinly but failed coz my knife just wasn't sharp enough. Oh well... At least the whole dish didn't taste too bad and the sliced tuna goes well with the wasabi-mayo sauce.

Tuna Tataki with Butter Soya Sauce Pasta

a bunch of angel hair pasta
some ground peppercorns
some chili flakes
1 piece tuna steak
1/4 tsp light soya sauce
30g butter
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar
some dried shaved bonito
8g mayonnaise
2g wasabi

1.  Rinse tuna steak and pat dry with kitchen towel
2.  Cover the tuna steak with ground peppercorns and chili flakes then set aside
3.  Cook the bunch of angel hair pasta in a pot of salt water till soften
4.  Drain the pasta and arrange on a plate
5.  Melt the butter and sugar in a pan over low heat
6.  After butter is melted and sugar is dissolved, add the light soya sauce and cook for 1-2 mintues
7.  Off the heat and pour the sauce over the pasta
8.  Heat up the Happycall Pan on high heat for 1-2 minutes then lower the flame
9.  Sear the tuna on all sides briefly
10.  Off the heat, remove the tuna steak and slice it thinly
11.  Arrange the sliced tuna on the pasta and top with some dried shaved bonito
12.  Mix the mayonnaise and wasabi till well combined, pour into a small bowl and serve with the pasta

Note: You can adjust the sugar and light soya sauce according to your taste

After cooking the pasta, I went on to make steamed milk custard since I haven't had that for quite some time.

Steamed Milk Custard

Recipe for Tuna Tataki with Butter Soya Sauce Pasta submitted to Munch Ministry

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