Saturday, April 14, 2012

14 Apr 12 (Sat) - Spicy Pork BokkEum

Looked through the list of recipes that I intend to try and decided on this spicy pork bokkeum, a Korean spicy fried pork dish that I found in Aeri's Kitchen website. As I didn't want to follow the portion in the recipe so I reduced the amount of ingredients used as well as made some adjustments on my own because I didn't have certain ingredients. Instead of using apple juice, I used packet grape juice; instead of red and green chilies, I used red and green capsicums because the recipe stated red and green hot peppers so I thought it was refering to capsicums and also I added shallots which wasn't asked for.

Tried to follow the recipe closely and I made the silly mistake of adding exactly one tablespoon of light soya sauce that the recipe asked for instead of reducing the amount. Hence, I had to add more sugar to counter the effect. The recipe also asked to marinate the pork for at least 3 hours but I didn't wait for 3 hours and only marinated for about 1 hour.

Tried to cook using the Happycall Pan and the result was a very dark brown color dish. The appearance wasn't even close to the picture on Aeri's Kitchen website. Taste was a bit salty because of my silly mistake so had to eat the dish with rice.

Spicy Pork BokkEum

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