Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 Jun 12 (Sun) - Rosti (Happycall Version #2)

About three months ago, I tried cooking rosti using the Happycall pan and commented that it was no difference from using normal non-stick pan coz I still had to put oil and flip the rosti using the usual method. Recently, while browsing the Munch Ministry website, I saw a rosti recipe cooked using the Happycall pan posted by a member. The recipe states that potatoes don't have to be cooked beforehand and no oil is added. So I tried it out today and the result?

The rosti was was very soft and there were a lot of water droplets on the cover of the pan when I opened it after four minutes. Tried to flip the rosti over by flipping the pan and the rosti was still stuck to the top side of the pan. So had to flip the pan back and try to unstick the rosti from the pan. Then drizzled some oil over the rosti before flipping the pan over and cooked with the cover open. It took quite a while for the rosti to be crispy and the end result was not the same as those from my own recipe.

Also after I was done with the first rosti,  when I wanted to add the rest of the shredded potatoes into the pan, I saw brown liquid collected at the base of the pot where I put the shredded potatoes. I wonder what has caused that to happen. Could it be due to the types of potatoes used or coz of the fact that they were raw? Overall, the method of cooking didn't differ much from my own. I would prefer to cook the potatoes beforehand coz I find that the resulted rostis have a lighter texture instead of being compact and dense.

Shredded Potatoes

First Rosti

Second Rosti

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