Sunday, July 21, 2013

21 Jul 13 (Sun) - Purple Sweet Potato Mochi Cake

Found a pack of Vietnamese coffee in the pantry and bought a can of condense milk while doing marketing this morning. Started the day with a nice cuppa before diving into the next session of cooking therapy.

Had some leftover seafood from yesterday and so did a simple pan-fry to the white fish and scallops as well as quick boil to the prawns and vegetables.

Managed to get some purple sweet potatoes from Cold Storage, Vivo City, last Friday but I forgot to get the Japanese pumpkin. So instead of trying to do that dish I saw on the newspaper few days ago, I used them to do the pan-fried mochi cake instead. The look of the cakes wasn't very nice because of the color after pan-frying. Perhaps next time can create a marble effect by adding pumpkin-flavored dough? Hee...

Ingredients (Makes 12)
160g Purple sweet potatoes
60g Sugar to taste
70g Glutinous rice flour

1.  Boil sweet potatoes till tender, off the heat and retain the water
2.  Remove the skin of the sweet potatoes and cut into small pieces
3.  Add sugar to the warm sweet potatoes and mash
4.  Add glutinous rice flour bit by bit to the sweet potato mixture and mix well
5.  Add warm water to the mixture if it is too dry to get a non-stick dough
6.  Divide the dough into twelve portions
7.  Roll each potion into a ball and press each one with the base of a cup to form a flat disc
8.  Spread some black sesame seeds on top of each disc
9.  Heat some oil and pan fried both sides of the disc till brown slightly over medium-low heat
10.  Check that the center of the disc is not raw then remove from heat
11.  Best serve immediately or warm

---------------- Edited on 22 Jul 2013 ----------------

Woke up earlier than usual this morning to heat up five mochi cakes using frying pan to bring to office. By the time I got to office, the cakes were already lukewarm. Messaged to SWT and asked her if she wanted to try and she came over to my cubicle. I was rather surprised that she asked for second helping. The feedback she gave was that the taste of the black sesame seeds overpowered the taste of the sweet potato. It was unless towards the end that she could taste the sweet potato.

Offered one to TYY and she said it was nice and the texture is similar to those sweet potato balls sold by one of the stalls in Maxwell Food Center. Offered one to NYP and another two KH and they both said nice. KH commented that it was a bit small such that he finished the cake in one mouth. So he suggested that perhaps next time I could make them bigger.

Recipe submitted to Munch Ministry

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