Monday, October 31, 2016

31 Oct 16 (Mon) - Baked Chicken and Brie with Steamed Sweet Potato and Honey Dew

Had some mini brie leftover from the previous experimental cooking couple of months back. So thought I had better finished them up before they expire. Googled for recipe that make use of brie and found this "Baked Chicken and Brie" that seemed easy enough.

The recipe asked for a cup of light beer or dry white wine. Didn't have either so went to get a can of Tiger beer after work. After cooking for the stated amount of time, there was still a lot of beer left in the baking dish. Hahaha... Think I should have taken the effort to measure one cup of beer instead of pouring the whole can of beer into the baking dish.

The end result didn't look like the photo posted on the website. Oh well... since I also had some sweet potatoes left, so steamed them to go with the chicken. Added some honey dew to eat as dessert too. Hehe...

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