Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Review: Green Caviar

Read about the green caviar from an article found on the HerworldPlus website back in January. It is a more affordable kind of caviar because it does not hail from fish but is actually a type of seaweed. The article also mentioned that online purchase of this green caviar can be done through Meal Belly. So went to check out the website and sent them a private message through Facebook messenger to find out more about the delivery method.

After getting the replies from Meal Belly, I finally placed my order of a 20g pack for $4.60 (including $1 delivery fee) towards the end of February and received them this morning. There were instructions printed on the packaging telling the customers how to prepare the green caviar. Followed the instructions on a small amount which balloon to a lot after soaking. Used them on salad. It tasted salty so cannot have too much at a time.

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