Sunday, August 8, 2010

8 Aug 10 (Sun) - Curry Chicken

Cooked Curry Chicken today using the Prima Taste Singapore Curry Sauce Kit and Kara Coconut Cream. Seen my sis cooks this couple of times and so decided to try it out myself. Told M about it during out outing the day before and said I would message her if it was successful. Started preparing the cooking and was done about 10+am. Messaged her and there was no reply. So decided to wait thinking she might still be in bed. Finally she replied and came down with a big container. She told me that she went to Safra with her dad to play pool and she forgot her phone. She had a stuffy nose and she said she probably caught a cold there. Then she told me it was going to be chicken day coz her dad had forgotten that I would be cooking Curry Chicken today and went to get chicken rice instead. So instructed M that if they couldn't finish the food, don’t keep coz of the coconut milk in the dish. Chased her back home shortly coz she wasn’t feeling well.

Prima Taste Singapore Curry Sauce Kit and Kara Coconut Cream

Curry Chicken
(Singapore Curry Paste, Coconut Cream, Chicken Mid-section and Local Potatoes)

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