Sunday, August 1, 2010

1 Aug 10 (Sun) - Gungjung Tteokbokki

Cooked Gungjung Tteokbokki (Royal Rice Cake) today, a recipe that I found on the Internet. Message my niece to come down to get some and she ended up eating those she had packed as her lunch before going out to meet her classmates for project discussion. We chatted as she ate and she commented that it tasted good. When she was just about to finish the food, she said she feels very full. Told her she shouldn't have tried to finish everything if she couldn't. No doubt it felt good to have someone to appreciate your cooking and eat up the food. I would rather that she stopped when she felt full coz I know how terrible it feels to suffer from indigestion. Anyway, personally I prefer the spicy Tteokbokki then this and I guess same goes for M.

Local Rice Cake (Slice-form)

Gungjung Tteokbokki - Royal Rice Cake
(Local Rice Cake, Carrot, Red Pepper, Shitake Mushrooms, Large Onion, Spring Onion and Garlic)

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