Sunday, August 15, 2010

14 Aug 10 (Sat) - Caipo with Minced Meat & Hei Bee Hiam

Cooked Caipo with Minced Meat in Soy Sauce and Hei Bee Hiam. Both were dishes that my mum used to make. The first is my favorite food and I can eat a lot of rice just with that dish alone. It’s not a dish that many would appreciate. Most would associate Caipo with eggs but guess my mum got creative and came up with this version. Cooked this dish a few times before but Hei Bee Hiam was my first attempt and I didn’t ask mum to teach me before. So had to try cooking through memory. It didn’t turn out too far from her versions though still not up to her standard.

Caipo with Minced Meat in Soy Sauce
(Caipo, Minced Meat, Chili Padi, Soya Sauce and Sugar)

Hei Bee Hiam
(Dried Shrimp, Chili Padi and Oil)

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