Friday, February 4, 2011

4 Feb 11 (Fri - CNY Day 2) - Song Pyeon (Improvised Version)

Managed to get glutinous rice flour from Giant and started making the rice dough about 4.30pm after my sis and her family went out to my BIL's friend's house for gathering. Added the water according to the amount stated in the recipe and it was still a bit towards the wet side but not as bad as yesterday. So added a bit more glutinous rice flour to make it drier.

It worked and so started making the rice balls, made them into cup using my thumb and added roasted white sesame seeds and sugar into the centre and sealed them up. Tried with a couple of chocolate buttons as well. After I was done making the rice balls, steamed them using medium high heat for 25 mins. By the time was up, the round balls became flat. Took them out and put them into cold water.

Was anxious to try them out and so ate one of them. The sugar seemed to have seeped out of the balls and so didn't have the effect like those I bought from the Hankook Rice Cake House. Tried the ones with chocolate and the taste was rather unique. Since I had some roasted white sesame seeds left, so added some sugar to them and rolled the rice balls in the mixture.

I think my next attempt, I either have to cut down the time for steaming or use the boiling method instead.

Erawan Brand Glutinous Rice Flour

Rice balls before coating with
roasted white sesame seeds and sugar

Rice balls after coating with
roasted white sesame seeds and sugar

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