Monday, February 7, 2011

7 Feb 11 (Mon) - Song Pyeon and Peanut Shiru Tteok

Today I was on leave and so took the opportunity to try making Song Pyeon again. Started making the rice dough at 9am. This time round I modified the steps a little. Instead of adding the sugar and salt to the flour directly, I dissolved the sugar and salt in 1/2 cup of hot water first before adding the liquid to the flour. As I kneaded the dough, I added water bit by bit to combine the flour.

This time round, I managed to get a more manageable dough without having a lot of the dough sticking to my hands. Followed the rest of the steps as per stated and put white sesame seeds with sugar mixture in four rice balls and the peanut powder with sugar mixture in another four rice balls. My nephew prefers plain rice balls and so made the rest as plain ones for him.

The previous round I used the steaming method and the round balls turned out flat at the end of the steaming process. So this time I decided to try the boiling method instead. Boiled a pot of water and then put the rice balls into the pot of boiling water. Prepared a bowl of cold water with a bit of sesame oil and when the rice balls floated, transferred them to the bowl of cold water. After that, drained them and placed them on a plate to serve.

Since I had extra peanut powder so rolled one of the rice balls in it and it became Peanut Shiru Tteok. Overall, this time round the result is much closer to the Song Pyeon recipe. The only thing that I need to improve on is to make the skin thinner so that the balls will get cooked faster and the sugar inside will be able to melt into liquid form.

White Sesame Seeds

Peanut Powder

Rice balls before cooking

Rice balls after cooking

Song Pyeon and Peanut Shiru Tteok

White Sesame Seeds and Sugar in Song Pyeon

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