Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Feb 11 (Thu - CNY Day 1) - Red Bean Soup (红豆汤)

Today is the first day of CNY and I woke up early even though I slept very late last night because I was eager to try out the red bean soup with rice balls recipe. Soaked the red beans overnight and started cooking them after eating breakfast. While the red bean was cooking, I started preparing the rice flour to make rice balls. My sis said to make more and so used the whole packet of the flour.

Followed the steps and the amount stated in the recipe but guess I added too much water than I should. The dough turned out too wet. Messaged my sis's SIL for some plain flour so that I could salvage the dough but it didn't work. Tried putting the dough in the microwave for a while but it didn't work either. So I had to dispose the dough in the end and only had red bean soup for the day.

For the red bean soup, after the beans were soften, I drained away the extra water and used a ladel to try and crushed the beans to make them into paste since my sis didn't have a blender. The texture was closer to the red bean soup that we used to eat during wedding dinners but it would be even better if the beans had been processed using a blender.

Roasted some white sesame seeds intended for the rice balls but since the making of the dough wasn't successful, so added the sesame seeds to the red bean soup instead. The taste was rather unique though with the adding of the roasted white sesame seeds.

Was not happy with the failed result and so went through the recipe again to see what went wrong. My sis mentioned that she might be going to Giant the next day to get some stuff and so decided that I would follow her and get a packet of the glutinous rice flour to try out again tomorrow.

Red Bean Soup (红豆汤)

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