Thursday, February 17, 2011

17 Feb 11 (Thu) - Steamed Milk Custard (炖奶)

Tomorrow I will be on anuual leave at home and a friend will be coming to visit as well as to make some desserts together. So decided to make steamed milk custard (炖奶) for her to try. After I had showered and set the clothes to wash, I started making preparations for tomorrow as well as making the steamed milk custard (炖奶). As my washing machine is the semi-auto type so I had to juggle between doing my laundry as well as the cooking.

Wanted to try something different and so took a small portion out of the usual amount of milk mixture and added some dried osmanthus flowers to it before steaming. Probably I had turned the heat slightly more towards the high side rather than the usual medium-high and also maybe the portion I had for my friend is smaller than usual, at the end of the steaming process, the surface of the custard was almost turning crater form.

So when I steamed my own small portion, I had to use a shorter amount of time instead and hence it didn't turn out too dry. The osmanthus steamed milk custard was very fragrant but I have not eaten it yet coz I wanted to eat it chill tomorrow.

Happily took some photos of my creations and started packing up the kitchen when I realised that I had forgotten to add sugar to both portions of the steamed milk custard (炖奶). So in order to try to salvage them, I dissolved some sugar in hot water and added them to the custards.Hopefully they will be tasty with the sugar syrup.

Hahaha... I know tomorrow my friend is going to laugh at me about this silly mistake. Will update about the results after we eat the custards tomorrow. Stay tune.

Steamed Milk Custard (炖奶)

Osmanthus Steamed Milk Custard (桂花炖奶)

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