Wednesday, December 19, 2007

19 Dec 07 - Day 3 (Rusutsu)

Got up the next morning, ate breakfast and set off to Rusutsu Ski Resort at 8.45pm. It was a 3.5-hour journey and the kids behind my seat were rowdy. Had a break after 1 hour at a supermarket and bought a box of melon flavored gummy chocolate.

Continued to Rusutsu and the tour guide, Suzuki San, tried to entertain us a little with storytelling, folding origami and offering snacks. Reached Rusutsu about 1+pm, checked in and went to a restaurant called “Oktober Fest” for lunch before heading to the room to settle down and going out to the outside of the hotel to play with snow and take pictures. All of us really had fun in the snow that we didn’t feel the coldness.

Returned inside around 3+pm to clean up before meeting the ski instructor at 4.30pm. Tried on the ski attire and the boots and then the night was spent exploring the interior of the resort and had dinner in an Italian restaurant called “Costa Terazza”.

Rusutsu Resort

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