Friday, December 21, 2007

21 Dec 07 - Day 5 (Rusutsu)

Got changed and went to “Crescent” Hall for buffet breakfast. When we were about to finish our food, the coach and his family sat behind us and the first thing he asked was if sis would be joining today’s lesson and so sis said yes. Done with eating, went to the room to change into the skiing attire and then to the locker room to put on the boots and take out the gear.

Went out, the kids and BIL with the other family kids went to the mountain with the lady coach, leaving the youngest boy of the other family, sis and me with the male coach. The dad and mum of the other family didn’t join the lesson today. The male coach told me that after a few tries; I would follow his daughter up to the mountain to join the rest. Went up with them and they went to the “White Lover”. The top part was a bit steep and I didn’t know how to control the ski to move across the slope but in the end, I was able to barely make it. The kids went down first on the coach cue and when it came to my turn, I panic and fell. She helped me up and the next phase, I fell again. Then she decided to go behind me to guide me down. One part of the slope was gradual and so was able to do on my own and so followed her trail to practice

Ry and Lyn

Went up again and she automatically came to my aid and half way down the slope, her dad came and told her to take the kids and BIL leaving me for him to coach. Fortunately, I got the hang of the turning from his daughter and advice from BIL so was able to enjoy more during the ski down. Even when I went slightly faster, I was able to control without falling. Went in to change out of the boots after lesson and ate at Oktober Fest for lunch. After that decided to try snow mobile and BIL went back to the room to get scarves while the rest of us walked around. We took the granola to the other side of the Resort.

Yuko San, the female instructor, guiding me down the slope

The instructor took sis, I took Lyne while BIL took Ry. Snow mobile was really fun coz able to speed and feel the thrill of driving without worrying about the traffic. Half way through, we stopped to take pictures and then the instructor got the kids to ride with him one by one in the front seat and letting them tried driving the snow mobile. Ended the activity in 20min and headed back to the Resort. Had hot chocolate in the canteen before returning to the room. It was snowing heavily so psycho sis to go out with me coz the kids went back to the room on their own. So in the end, sis went out with me and got BIL to bring the things back. Played in the snow like kids, took pictures and then headed back to rest. Sis washed up and went over to look after the kids while BIL went to wash clothes using the coin laundry and I took my shower.

Me still in Ski Attire

Then sis called to say that I could go for a walk around the Resort and called her in the room in about an hour. Did as told and bought some items. Borrowed the phone from the travel desk and sis said BIL hadn’t returned. Looked for him and he said another half hour to go so returned to the room to inform sis and waited BIL to return. He came back around 8+pm and we went to the “Crescent” Hall for dinner. Done by 9.30pm and returned to the room.

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