Saturday, December 22, 2007

22 Dec 07 - Day 6 (Rusutsu)

Went for breakfast around 7+am at Oktober Fest, done by 8am, returned to room, changed into ski attire and went to the ski locker to change into the boots as well as take our gears. The lady coach took the other family kids while the male coach took our family. All went up to “White Lover” and the coach took pictures for us. Kids, BIL and I went down on our own while the coach guide sis down. We went up and down the course a few times. It was fun once we get the hang of it and I was skiing much faster and turn better than the day before. But snow was thick today and so the slope was a bit lumpy. At one point in time, I think I was over confident and I fell down but that was only one time. BIL fell and I felt proud that I was able to help him up. Sis stopped after 1-hour coz was tired. Coach taught the kids new stunts and I went on my own with BIL coz we wanted to go slow.

Sis trying out on her own

All of us on the top of White Lover

Stopped at 11am but the kids wanted to follow the coach to ski and so they went with him while BIL went on his own. Initially he said to go one last round but he got addicted and in the end went a few more after I stopped. Went to change out of the ski boots before coming out again. Sis told me that BIL wasn’t back yet from his first round and she got a bit worried. Finally BIL came back and he said he went for a few rounds just that sis didn’t see him. Helped sis with her gear while she walked slowly back to the locker room. Took the monorail to another Tower for lunch and then to the dog-sled place but the dogs were unwell and so got to cancel the activity. Nevertheless, we walked to the place where the dogs were and took some pictures. Played with the snow around there and Lyn almost took my right eye out with a twig by accident but no one noticed that.

Ry and Lyn playing playing with snow

Returned to the room, the kids wanted to go to the wave pool so sis brought them while BIL did the laundry and I stayed in the room to pack my luggage, bathe and go to the ski locker room to collect the yellow bags used to put the ski attires. Walked around the shops along the way, put a 100-yen coin to turn for a 扭蛋 with a collar pin inside and then put in one of the yellow bags before going back to the room. Meng, the Singapore tour guide, called to say that we actually needed to return the attire by 5pm and it was already 5+pm so brought sis and mine down to return while she looked for BIL in the laundry room. Bumped into BIL at the lobby, handed the two bags to Meng and went up to help BIL with the rest.

On the way to dinner, I realized that I forgot to take out my 扭蛋 from the yellow bag and so I lost the collar pin as well as the 100-yen. Went to the Japanese BBQ restaurant that BIL wanted to try the day before and it was outside the Resort in the parking area. Fortunately I wore a fleece jacket and sis brought her down jacket but her down jacket ended up letting the kids wore, one wore the inner, the other wore the outer and so she left with none except for a thin tee and a cotton pullover. The restaurant stinks of BBQ smell and at the end of the dinner, all of us were like BBQ human. Returned to the Resort, took some pictures outside and at the merry-go-round. Kids then went to the game center and I headed back to the room.

Outside Rusutsu at night

Merry-go-round in Rusutsu

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