Tuesday, December 25, 2007

25 Dec 07 (Christmas Day) - Day 9 (Sapporo)

Only left for breakfast about 9+am. Then walked to the shopping centers at the South, Odori Park area. The departmental stores sell mostly winter clothing so nothing to buy. Checked out their supermarket and they sell a lot of interesting pastries and snacks. Bought two boxes of snacks to bring back Singapore while BIL bought mochi cream to share. Walked along the street shops and sis checked out their ankle boots while BIL brought the kids to game shops. Came after, walked to Ramen Alley and ate in a ramen shop. It was really nice and cozy to eat in a small warm shop out of the cold street.

Then walked back to the hotel to rest. Sis and I then walked to Daimaru at the North where people said the Burberry products were cheaper but we bought nothing and ended up spending most of the time in an accessory shop where sis bought a ring. Headed back to the hotel to wash up and then went for the Christmas Dinner. Finally dinner ended around 8+pm, collected our clothing and headed out to Odori Park to see the Christmas lightings and went up the TV Tower. It was snowing heavily compared to the other days of my stay and the feel of Christmas was really strong.

Sapporo's TV Tower taken from Odori Park

Streets of Sapporo from the TV Tower

Christmas Lightings in Odori Park

Christmas Lightings in Odori Park

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