Thursday, December 20, 2007

20 Dec 07 - Day 4 (Rusutsu)

Up early for breakfast and then have our first skiing lesson at 9.30am. Ate at Oktober Fest and then to the ski locker room to wear our boots. The boots were tight around the calf area and it was already the last buckle so had to endure the pain. The morning 2-hour lesson was hot and tired coz of the sun and skiing in Rusutsu was tougher than in Snow City in Singapore. The other family skied before and so picked up very fast. Kids learnt very fast too and so in the end only left sis and me. The instructor’s daughter named Yuko, a licensed instructor, took the rest up the West Mountain via the ski chair while the male instructor stayed back to coach sis and me. Towards the end of the lesson, he brought sis and me up the mountain as well and tried out the course called Family. It was really tough coz one part of the slope was quite steep and I couldn't stop and sped all the way down till I fell to a stop.


Finally the lesson was over and we met up with BIL and the kids for lunch at Burger Daniel Eating at Daniel’s Street in the Resort. Had wanted to eat but not appetite coz was tired, thirsty and afraid of the afternoon lesson. BIL told us of his “accident” during lunch and he said that he fell straight into the bushes/trees and the snow while going down the slope. According to him, it was impossible to move coz the branches were stuck to him and his skis stuck in the snow. He was deep in the snow that he had to wait for the lady coach to help him take off his skis and then pull him out of the snow. Sis didn’t go for the afternoon lesson coz she had backache and so I went with the rest.

The afternoon was mainly practicing on the slope and then took the ski chair up to the mountain. Tried another route called “White Lover” and it was slightly easier than the other one coz not so steep. The rest of the group went with the lady coach while BIL and I followed the male coach. Learnt turning and we had difficulty with that. Bumped into the rest towards the end of the lesson and Ryan kept getting us to go to the Family. I was so tired and hence most of the time, I kept falling down and the coach had to pull me up. Think towards the end, the time was running out and the coach guided me down back to the starting point. Went to change out of the boots and I couldn't find sis. So helped the kids to change out of their boots and out of their gears. Then sis came and we headed to the room to change and wash up.

After that, went to the indoor wave pool, the water was warm. There was a slide and the kids got me to go with them, as sis and BIL weren’t in yet. The slide was actually quite high and fun but think as age catches up, my guts got smaller. After one try, I refused to go again. Soaked in the water most of the time with sis, telling her about the afternoon lesson while BIL go to the slide with the kids. Sis spent her afternoon in the room to rest and I was telling her that I seriously considered not going for the next day’s lesson. As the towels and clothes were in the lockers, BIL and I had to run from the pool down to the next level where the lockers were to get towels and it was freaking cold. Dried myself, got change and BIL brought the towels to sis and the kids.

After that, headed back to the room to bathe and then to a Japanese restaurant called “Sekka Tei” for dinner. It was set course, the adults had the three different sets while the kids opted for the same kid’s meal. Food was plenty and we couldn't finish. Returned to the room, sis washed clothes and I settled myself to sleep about 10+pm.

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