Monday, December 24, 2007

24 Dec 07 (Christmas Eve; Holiday in-lieu for Emperor’s Birthday) - Day 8 (Sapporo)

Got up early coz need to set off early today at 7.45am. Ate little coz dare not overeat and ended the breakfast with an ice cream cone. Returned to the room and brought the luggage down to the coach. Left for Hell Valley, took photos and bought some souvenirs. Then moved on to Shiraoi Ainu Village. We were early and the stalls we needed to pass by on way to the village weren’t opened yet except for 1 or 2 nearest to the village. Saw the 白色恋人 chocolate biscuits and some nice woodcarvings that the Ainu people were famous for and thought I would get them after the show on the way out. The show lasted half an hour and one of the musical instruments caught my attention and thought I could get that as souvenir.

Jigokudani (Hell Valley)

A villager performing

Big Statue of Ainu Chief in Shiraoi Ainu Village

Came out to walk around the village, took photos. Unfortunately we took too long inside the village and so went we realized that the people on our coach were not around, we hurried out and they were already getting ready to leave. So didn’t manage to look around the stalls and BIL grabbed three boxes of the chocolate and I grabbed two wooden owl mobile phone accessories. Journey to Otaru was about 1.5 hour. Ate seafood BBQ at a restaurant and basically I eat and the rest cook coz I wasn’t able to reach the cooking things. Done with that and walked over to the streets where we were given 2 hours to shop.

Otaru Canal

Suzuki San brought us to the Otaru Orgel Doh Musical Box Museum first and we quickly made our purchases though I would have liked to stay longer to examine the different types of musical boxes and products. Bought three merry-go-rounds, a pocket watch, an egg musical box and a pinky ring. Looking at the time, I didn’t have the time to visit the café recommended by Suzuki San where the customers get to bring home the coffee cup after they finish their coffee. Went to the chocolate shop to buy chocolates but dare not get a lot coz afraid it would melt when I bring back to Singapore so only bought the sandwich biscuits. Then to the other cream puff shop where we bought a cake and cookies.

Rickshw in Otaru

Then crossed over to the glass/crystal shop and bought a pinky ring and a pair of earrings. The range of the glass ware was a disappointment coz mostly sake bottles and cups. BIL brought the kids to eat the 5-flavored soft cream (lavender, melon, orange, strawberry and chocolate) while sis and I shopped on own. Bought two pendants for myself and a friend and sis bought a bracelet for her MIL in another glass shop before looking for BIL and the kids. Found them and BIL also bought crystals but those were imported from Sweden. Shared the soft cream with Ry and then returned to the coach.

Proceeded to Sapporo and went to Airo, a shopping center to shop for another 2.5 hours. This was something extra from the program. Sis and I bought a pair of boots each for 9800 yen each pair. Can't buy other clothes coz mostly winter wear. Around 6.30pm, we walked over to the Sapporo Beer Museum next door for buffet dinner which all enjoyed before heading to the Sapporo Grand Hotel for the night. The coach toured around the city before taking us back and we saw the Christmas lightings.

Settled down and I went out on my own to the place where the Christmas lightings were and took some pictures of the lightings in the Odori Park and also the TV Tower. Walked back to the hotel and popped into Lawson, a convenient store, opposite our hotel to get a bottle of hot chocolate and an anti-skid attachment. Got back, the kids were in my room and Ry finished up the whole bottle of the hot chocolate. Sis brought them over to the room and then called to ask me over to settle some accounts and also packed my purchases.

Sapporo's TV Tower

Christmas Lightings in Odori Park

Christmas Lightings in Odori Park

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