Sunday, May 27, 2012

27 May 2012 – Day 3 (Teluk Cempedak Beach, Sin Kee Hung, Singapore)

Today we checked out and depart at 10am. So Mag and I agreed to get up at the same time so that we could go out for breakfast at the nearby coffee shop. I had roti canai that James had been talking about since the first day with a cup of teh halia while Mag had Thosai with a cup of teh terik. When my food came, it looked like roti prata with egg. Both of us were wondering if we had placed the right order.

My breakfast

Took some photos of our food before eating. Then we walked around the area before returning to the hotel’s coffee house where Mag ate a bowl of chicken porridge and I had a cup of fruit punch. Went back to the room, packed up and left to gather at the lobby at 9.50am. Headed to the Teluk Cempedak Beach and were given some time to explore the beach as well as to walk the 300m wooden bridge that leads to another part of the beach. Took some photos at the main beach before attempting to walk the wooden bridge where the front portion was full of the long-tail monkeys. Some tourists were feeding the monkeys when there were sign boards telling them not to.

Mag and I hesitated about walking the bridge at first, then we saw a group of visitors walking and we followed behind them. After we passed the front portion, the rest of the wooden bridge were easy coz there were no monkeys. Took some photos along the way and finally reached the other part of the beach. We took some “rock-climbing” photos and walked on the beach for a while. Surprisingly, this part of the beach which was supposedly more secluded was much dirtier than the main beach. After a while, we headed back and by the time we got to the start of the bridge, we didn’t see any monkeys. Returned to the coach and then we headed for lunch before going to Sin Kee Hung for salted fish.

Some photos from Teluk Cempedak Beach :

The shop also sells koropok and some other snacks so Mag and I bought some each while the rest of the group members bought a lot of salted fish. As we were amongst the first to finish so we packed our purchases into our overnight bags. By the time the rest were done, the whole coach almost smell of salted fish coz of their purchases. They bought bags and bags of salted fish, koropoks and local snacks. Started on the journey back, as it was sunny, I wore my sunglasses inside the coach and plugged on to my mobile phone. Dozed most part of the journey and we made a few toilet stops and at the last stop around 5+pm at Yong Peng, I bought a peanut waffle biscuit to eat while Mag asked for a char siew bun. Continued for another 2 hours or so before having dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Peanut Butter Waffle Biscuit

After eating, we continued the journey and by the time we got to the Malaysia custom, it was about 8+pm then reached Singapore custom, there was a jam and by the time we cleared custom, it was already 9+pm and we had to spend another hour or so getting back to the clubhouse before we could go back. Initially thought I would cab back, turned out Mag wanted to take train hence followed her to the station and we alighted at Outram station where she headed off to her bus stop and me to mine. Reached home after 11pm and by the time I settled down, used the laptop for a while and hit the hay only past 1am.

Thoughts: If only we get to have more time at the Teluk Cempadak beach. Although it is not as good as the Cherating beach, I would have liked to take more photos of it, especially the lower part of the beach where the waves crash upon. The tide was low so the shore would have been an interesting sight with many holes made by the little crabs.

Overall, the trip was not too bad, something different from what I was used to which was clean and comfy places of interest and hotels. Instead, I went back in time where life was more laid-back and backwards. Will I do another trip like this again? Well… maybe, just maybe.

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