Thursday, May 17, 2012

17 May 12 (Thu) - Ni-tamago

Received a message from my little big sis yesterday asking me how to make "hard boiled egg w soft soft yolk like the ramen type". I knew instantly that she was referring to the lava egg, also known as ni-tamago. Actually I googled for the recipe few weeks ago and even attempted it twice but failed in both instances. Asked her why she suddenly wants to cook that and her reply was that her father-in-law likes it after eating it at a ramen shop in Changi Airport T3.

Sent her the two links which I found back then and she attempted it today. Result was undercooked eggs and she gave up trying for today. It got me interested again so I tried cooking it after work. Didn't check the recipes and cook based on my memory. The result? A fairly presentable lava egg! And what's a better way to eat it than with Kimchi Ramyeon!

1 egg

1.  Take egg out of fridge and thaw for 20 minutes
2.  Boil water and put the egg in when water starts to bubble gently
3.  Cook egg for 7 minutes
4.  Remove egg and put into ice water immediately
5.  Peel egg and leave the egg in the ice water to stop it from cooking further

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