Thursday, May 10, 2012

Article on Happycall Pan and Munch Ministry

Checked in on Facebook this morning and got a really nice surprise! Munch Ministry (MM) posted a link on an article about the Happycall Pan and an interview with the two creators of MM by Yahoo! Singapore. As I scrolled down the article, I saw the photo I submitted to MM for the Tuna Tataki with Butter Soya Sauce Pasta and I was overjoyed!

There are so many recipes and food photos submitted to MM everyday and I never expected one of mine to be featured. I even saw my initials written beneath the photo! I was so happy that I started telling those closer to me in the office about it and even Whatsapp my dear little big sis about it.

This piece of news sure cheers me up the whole day and makes me want to try to come up with more creative cooking using Happycall Pan. Look forward to more surprises!

To read the article, please click here

For the recipe of the featured photo, please click here

For Munch Ministry Website, please click here

For Munch Ministry FB Page, please click here

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