Sunday, August 26, 2012

26 Aug 12 (Sun) - Steamed Egg Cake (鸡蛋糕) and Kiwifruit Sorbet

Thought I want to try out the Japanese Steamed Sweetcorn Bun recipe by Ellena of Cuisine Paradise this weekend but after yesterday's failed attempt at the Kiwifruit compote, I lost the zeal to try any new recipe. But I wanted to bake something so in the end, I decided to go back to the basic steamed egg cake recipe that my BIL's sister gave me.

Added the self-rising flour, sugar and egg and tried to whisk but it was so difficult to mix. It then occurred to me that I might have left out something so looked at the Japanese Steamed Sweetcorn Bun recipe and realised that I need to put water. Strange that I only have three ingredients on my initial list. Being kiasu and afraid that my cake wouldn't rise, I added about three tablespoons of cream soda instead of water to the batter.

Tried to whisk again and thought I would make an effort to whisk till the batter turns pale but it proved to be too much for my aching hand after 5 minutes. So after whisking for another 1-2 minutes, I gave up and poured the batter into 4 paper cups and put into the pot to steam on medium heat. Didn't time how long I steam the cakes and only off the heat when the satay stick came out clean after inserting into the cakes.

The cakes rose in a cute round shape and when I checked the bottom, they were not wet like all my previous attempts. Was so happy that I snapped a few photos of my creation and sent to my dear little big sis.

The cute, cute, round, round steamed egg cakes

Peeling off the paper liner

The inside of the cake

The bottom is not wet! Yay!

A close-up
Ingredients (Makes 4):
1 egg
60g castor sugar
60g self-rising flour
3 tbsp cream soda

1.  Heat up pot with water at gentle boil
2.  Mix all the ingredients together and beat till they turn pale yellow (about 8-10 minutes)
3.  Pour into paper cups
4.  Steam at medium heat for about 10 minutes then do the toothpick test
5.  If toothpick dosen't come out clean, steam for a few more minutes then do the test again
6.  Once toothpick comes out clean, off the heat, transfer the cakes to a wire rack and allow to cool

Then checked on the Kiwifruit sorbet that I made yesterday and it turned out well too. Not too hard and not too slushy with sweet and sour Kiwifruit taste. Yum!

                    Kiwifruit Sorbet
A close-up

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