Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Review: Hokkaido Cakes by Bakery Cuisine

Finally decided to try the Hokkaido cake today. Went to Polar Puffs & Cakes to ask if they sell the cake individually and was told that they sell the cakes in a box of six at $12. So went over to Bakery Cuisine and ask if they sell the cake individually and the staff told me yes. They sell the cakes in box of six at $12 and also as a single cake at $2.50 each. There are three flavours to choose from, namely the soursop, hazelnut and custard. Asked for the custard flavour and the staff place the cake carefully in a plastic bag and tied it up with a plastic spoon laid nicely on top of the cake.

The cake was baked in a squarish base paper cup, the top of the cake which peaked and cracked with a bit of cream oozing out was dusted with icing sugar. I had to be careful while handling and eating the cake because there was some icing sugar stuck on the side of the paper cup. Took the first bite and fell in love. The cake was fluffy and light while the custard flavoured cream felt cool in the mouth. After I was done eating, I was already craving for more.

Name: Bakery Cuisine
Address: Tanjong Pagar Xchange
Product: Hokkaido cakes (3 Flavours: Soupsop, Hazelnut, Custard)
Price: $2.50 for one, $12 for six

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