Friday, August 10, 2012

A Review: Matt’s The Chocolate Shop

Read about this shop in an article about Amoy Street in MyPapers this morning and went to check it out during lunchtime. It is along a row of shop-houses and I almost missed it if I had not remembered the unit number because it doesn’t have a very noticeable signboard.

Beyond the glass door was a narrow walkway with a couple of tables and chairs at the side that leads to a bigger shop space with a display unit lined with small and big boxes of cakes. The owner, a banker turned baker, was friendly and started introducing his chocolate cake which is the only product in his shop that has been in the area for only three weeks.

The big cake measures about 8½ “ and weighs about 1+kg which is roughly enough for 8-12 persons. The owner said that most of his friends commented that eating the big cake is more “shiok” because the centre of the cake is filled with chocolate fudge.

I bought a small cake that measures about 2½” which comes in a plastic box and the moment I removed the cover, the strong smell of chocolate hit my nostril. It took me a while to remove the cake from the box without ruining the topping so that I could take photos of the cake. It would have been easier if it had come in a normal cardboard box.

The texture of the cake was that of a brownie and the chocolate on top of it was very smooth. Both the cake and topping had very rich chocolaty taste. Highly recommended to people who love their chocolates.

Name: Matt’s The Chocolate Shop
Address: 44 Amoy Street
Tel: 6557 2274

Product: Chocolate cakes
Price: $48 (Big) and $4 (Small)

UPDATE: Shop has moved to 122 Tembeling Rd, Singapore 423621

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