Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12 Jun 07 - Day 3 (Margaret River Town)

Reached Busselton Jetty about 9+am, BIL bought tickets for the tour and then walked around the souvenir shop where Ry saw a machine that sell gold souvenir coins for A$2. He had two A$2 coins and so got one for himself and one for the sister. I didn’t have any A$2 coin and so I thought I wouldn't be able to get one of those coins. Ry went to his father and got a A$2 coin and gave to me and so in the end I got a souvenir coin as well. It was really very sweet of him even though he could be a nuisance at times. Started our walk to the end of the Jetty where the tour was and it was very windy. Wore my sunglasses during the walk, though not the branded ones but it was better than nothing. Reached the Observatory Center and looked around the souvenir shop while waiting for the tour to start at 10.25am. Bought a magnet for a friend. Started the tour and the guide introduced the Jetty and the underwater marine life. Spent some time there before walking back to the mainland.

Ate Simmo’s ice cream at The Nautical Lady Entertainment Center and I had a double scoops cone of Swiss Chocolate and Mango Macadamia. The kids and BIL also had double scoops cone each and sis had coffee with muffin. BIL bought one more extra muffin and after a while the ice cream, the kids gave their cones to me and BIL to finish while they eat the muffins. Done with eating, we moved on to Cape Naturialiste Lighthouse and by the time we got there, it was 1+pm. Bought tickets and while waiting for the tour to start at 2pm, I bought some souvenirs for a friend and myself and also looked around the museum. Climbed the lighthouse and the view was spectacular on the top of the lighthouse. Then we moved on to Nigilgi Cave coz BIL bought combine tickets for the tours for the lighthouse and the cave. We managed to get there before 3.30pm but as Ry wanted to nap longer in the car, we ended up missing the 3.30pm tour, last tour for the day, by a few minutes. So we decided to head south to Margaret River Town to look for food. Left the cave area and to head to Margaret River Town, we made a wrong turn at the junction and ended up at Yallingup Reef. It was a good thing though coz else we would have missed the beautiful sea view. All except sis ventured out towards the sea, climbing rocks to take pictures.

The Nautical Lady Entertainment Center

Lighthouse at Cape Naturialiste

Yallingup Reef

Got to Margaret River Town about 4+pm, drove around the town and then decided to eat at the Waves Seafood restaurant. We went there about 5.30pm but the restaurant only opens at 6pm so walked around the area to kill time. Share seafood platter with sis and BIL, Lyn ate pasta while Ry ate pizza with mussels. Left the place about 7+pm and headed back to Abbey.

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