Wednesday, June 13, 2007

13 Jun 07 - Day 4 (Cave Tours)

Left the apartment slightly after 9am and got to Nigilgi Cave slightly before 10am. Walked around the souvenir shop and then we started the tour at 10am. The guide told us the history of the cave but I didn’t remember much now. Only that legend has it that the cave used to be occupied by an evil spirit. Then Nigilgi, the good spirit with other sea spirit had a battle with the evil spirit and defeated it. The cave is about 11 storeys deep and has many formations. The guide brought us down to the platform, explained to us that we could spend as much time in the cave as we like and that she would be at the main chamber to explain to us the different formations and answer any questions that we have. There’s also a tunnel crawl for the kids. Explore the cave and went to one part of the cave where the area was very spacious and produce great echos when we speak loudly. By the time we reached the bottom of that area of the cave, we were alone, as the others in the group had ventured to the other part of the cave. The formations inside the cave were very beautiful and felt as though I was in the Indiana Jones movie. Went back up to the platform and then saw another flight of stairs leading to the deeper area of the cave.

The deeper we go, the harder it was to breathe coz of the humidity and also because the airflow comes only from the entrance that we got in which is also the exit. Left the place about 11am to eat at the café beside the cave. Ate fish and chips and after eating, bought souvenirs before leaving the place about 12+pm. Before reaching Lake Cave, we passed by Olio Belio, a place that specialized in Olive Oil and olive products and there’s also a café that sells food. Traveled to Lake Cave and got there about 2.30pm, just in time for the 2.30pm tour. This cave was even more magnificent, not because of the size but because there was a lake formation in the cave which creates a totally different formations and feel. Entered the cave and it was like entering into a whole new world, so quiet except the sound of the dripping water. Left the cave and bought more souvenirs at the shop.

Lake Cave

Left Lake Cave to head for The Berry Farm but BIL thought we had missed a turn and decided to give up to head for the Candy Cow shop instead which is in Cowaramup Town. Managed to reach there about 4.40pm and quickly grabbed some candies. Bought 2 jars of candies, one for me and one for a friend, 2 packets of candies for office. Left the place and headed to Margaret River (MR) Town to eat at VAT 107 restaurant. It was a high-class restaurant and I had fish of the day. Left slightly before 8pm and got back to Abbey at 8+pm. The journey back was slower coz there weren’t any street lamps along the road back to Busselton.

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