Monday, June 11, 2007

11 Jun 07 - Day 2 (Busselton)

About 8+am, BIL and Ry went to collect the rented car from Hertz at Milligan Street while the rest of us stayed back to pack up and check out at 10am. BIL and Ry came back with the car, a Ford Territory, close to 10am and we packed our luggage into the car to set off to Abbey Beach Resort in Busselton. I was told to sit beside BIL to help navigate while sis and the kids sat behind. We started off quite well coz Perth City was fairly easy to get around with a map but after we were out of the city, it was a bit tough. Fortunately, I photocopied a map that shows the way from Perth to Mandurah and also the route to take. Missed a turn couple of times when we got to a roundabout to connect from Kiwinana Freeway to Safety Bay Road to connect to Mandurah Road. The unfortunate thing was that my map only stopped at Mandurah and not further south. The route I had printed say to travel along the Old Coast Road but when I realized that we were on the Australind Highway, I didn’t suggest the route coz I found that traveling via Highway is safer. Though longer to get to our destination, it was easier to navigate.

After traveling for about 2+hours, BIL needed a break and since it was 12+pm, we decided to stop at a Gull petrol kiosk to have lunch at the Settler’s Roadhouse Café. Shared food with sis and BIL and BIL bought two maps from the kiosk that show more detail roads in Perth City and also the Southwestern Regions. Hit the road again about 1+pm and this time it was easier to navigate with the detailed maps and we reached the resort about 3+pm. It was supposed to be a 5-star resort but we ended up having to bring our own luggage up two flights of stairs to our apartment ourselves, unlike at Saville where the porter would do that. Some of the lights in the apartment were faulty, only one receptionist, no aircon in the room, had to open windows for ventilation, etc. Hit the road again about 4+pm to Busselton Jetty, took some photos before paying for the Jetty entrance fee to walk along the Jetty. Only walked half of the 2km Jetty and turned back coz we planned to return to the place the next day for the Observatory tour. By the time we walked back, it was about 5.15pm and the sun was setting. The sight was so beautiful, just like those in Pirates of the Caribbean.

 Busselton Jetty

Beautiful Sunset

Left the place to hunt for dinner and ate at the Red Rooster, a fast food restaurant, about 6pm. The food was salty but better than no food. Then we hunt for supermart to buy bread, cereal, and milk as breakfast for the next day.

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