Friday, June 15, 2007

15 Jun 07 - Day 6 (Cowaramup)

After the kids were done with eating and washing up, they wanted to go into the fenced up area again to see the joeys and I was dragged along. We jogged to the reception office to get more animal feed and jogged back to the fenced up area while sis and BIL packed the things in the cottage. Spent about half hour feeding the animals and then returned to the cottage.

Lyn then said that she got scratched on the neck by a joey so told sis to clean the scratch for her. Washed the hands and then loaded the luggage into the car to check out by 10am. While at the reception office, we got to see another golden retriever named Mozart. In the cottage, there was a write up on him telling guests not to feed him with meat but veg is ok but if possible, not at all coz the 5-year old dog was overweight. Though he looked big, he was quite docile. Then came Soc and they played together and they played rough. Soc was jealous of Mozart when we stroked Mozart more than him and so he fought with Mozart. We left the reception office and went to another part of the farm to see horses. We approached the fence and 3 horses approached us. The black horse seemed to like to be stroked. We then left to head for MR Town to visit The Melting Pot Glass Studio. The two men who are the makers of the art pieces came and started the demonstration around 11am. We got to try our hands at using a tool to pull the molten glass. The man named Nick then went on to show us the different methods used to create the different pieces such as starfish, seashells, etc. Then another man, a plump one named Gerry Reilly then demonstrated the making of a big plate. The demonstration lasted 1+hour and after that we browsed around the gallery to see the art pieces. Ate at the bakery shop beside the studio and had chicken sandwich before going back to the gallery to collect our purchases.

Ry having a go at glass blowing during the demo

Blowing into the molten glass to create shape

Then headed for Cowaramup to a shop called Moon Haven. It was a disappointment coz the shop sells mostly stuff like essential oils and soaps. Didn’t get anything and left after 15min to the Candy Cow shop beside it. Ry missed it previous round and so he bought a packet of candy this time. I bought another bag of soft candy and two pieces of fudge and got to taste the banana choc fudge. Left to head for Cape Lavender, which is also another disappointment coz unless you are one into wine and Lavender products, it would only be good for the scenery.

Lavender in Cape Lavender

Left the place about 3.30pm to head for Perth City. The initial part was all right coz there was still daylight and so easy to navigate and we managed to travel along Old Coast Road to see the sea view. We stopped at one part of the road to see the sea before continuing. It was after the Old Coast Road, heading to Mandurah that the sky started to turn dark and navigating was hard coz we were not familiar with the roads. Missed a few turns before we managed to get onto Kiwinana Freeway back to Perth City. I was quite stressed when we missed a few turns coz I was supposed to be the navigator. Got to West Perth and ate at a Japanese restaurant before checking into Saville about 8+pm.

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