Saturday, June 16, 2007

16 Jun 07 - Day 7 (Fremantle)

Left for Fremantle close to 10am and got there after about half an hour. Once out of the car, I was freezing coz of the wind as the Maritime Museum & Submarine Ovens are along Victoria Quay. Wore the jacket and waited for BIL to get parking tickets from a machine. Walked to the museum where BIL bought tickets for the museum entrance and the submarine tour at 11am. Walked around the souvenir shop and view the museum displays before joining the 11am tour. The submarine was very, very big and the inside was very, very narrow. It could hold 62 people inside with 20+ torpedoes. The guide was an old man who used to work in the submarine and he explained a lot to us about the submarine but I couldn't remember much now. After the tour, continued with the museum before getting some souvenirs and headed to the E-shed market nearby.

Inside the submarine

It was basically a warehouse with many small shops and a food court. Walked around the shops and went into a shop selling wallets, magnets, t-shirts, jackets, pens, caps, etc. The shop was operated by Indonesians and BIL bought fleece jackets for the family except me coz I didn’t want any as I had many jackets at home. He also bought some t-shirts for the kids while I got two. Walked around the shop and was browsing at the opposite shop when the owner came out. She was from Singapore and told me that the Indonesians sell things at high prices. Chatted a while and got to know that the lady and her husband came to Australia in 1989. Bought a Fremantle cap from them before leaving. After shopping, ate at the food court. All except BIL ate Chinese food consisting of rice or noodle with honey chicken, sweet sour pork, spring rolls and prawn crackers. BIL ate lamb and beef steaks. After I was done, I walked around other shops while the rest continued eating. After they were done, I joined them to walk some more before leaving. BIL bought sunglasses for the kids before getting into the car.

Headed for Fremantle Market and we walked separately. There was a section selling fish and seafood, one section selling veg and fruits and a section selling souvenirs, jewellery, clothes, etc. There were many things to see but not much to buy coz most of the things were made in China. Took some free postcards and stickers and then bought a ring for myself that cost A$74 and a pendant for a friend that cost A$24 from a shop and I paid A$100 for them. Walked around the area outside Fremantle Market before driving to Cicereilo’s, known to be Western Australia’s No. 1 fish and chips restaurant for dinner. As it is near Fishermans Wharf, it was cold and windy so I wore my jacket. BIL ordered seafood basket, battered fish and chips, battered squid and chips, chili crab and mussels. Didn’t manage to finish the food so ta bao back to eat in Saville.

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