Sunday, June 17, 2007

17 Jun 07 - Day 8 (AQWA & Swan Valley)

By the time we set off for Aquarium of Western Australia also known as AQWA, it was closed to 10am. BIL wanted to do coastal drive and we stopped at the “Street Dog Beach” to walk around the beach and looked at the sea views. As the name implies, there were lots of people bringing their dogs there for walk and play. There were big dogs and small dogs running on the beach and some swam in the water and some played with each other. Set off again and reached AQWA shortly. Bought tickets and walked around the place. It was similar to our Underwater World in Sentosa but this has more marine fishes that were in Australia region. Saw a big, big stingray of about 3+m from tip to tip and sharks and there were divers feeding the fishes. Ate lunch at the café in AQWA about 12+pm and bought some souvenirs before watching the seal training outdoor, followed by a walk around the stingray section.

Dogs playing in the water

Dogs running around at Street Dog Beach

Left AQWA about 2.15pm to go to the Margaret River Chocolate Company in Swan Valley. Reached there about 3pm and there were many people there. The children were the happiest there coz they got to eat lots of chocolates there. Once you enter the place, there were three big bowls with three types of chocolate, dark, milk, white, for tasting. Took a handful of dark chocolates to eat while walking around the place to see the various products. There were so many chocolate products, chocolate bars, truffles, rocky road, jams, sauces, massage oil, bath salt, soap, mugs, wine glasses, t-shirts, etc. Ate rum and raisin ice cream cone at the café there before shopping for chocolates. Then we moved on to Mondo Nougat which was on the next street. Finally made our way back to Perth City about 4+pm and reached there around 6+pm. Bought KFC back to the apartment to eat as dinner.


"Fine" Dining in Saville - KFC Meal

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