Monday, June 18, 2007

18 Jun 07 - Day 9 (Bunbury & Mandurah)

Left for Bunbury about 9+am and got there about 11+am. Visited the Dolphin Discovery Center, a non-profit center set up to educate people all about dolphins, especially the bottlenose around Koombana Bay. Watched an 18min video on dolphin before getting some souvenirs from the shop. Then walked around the interactive zone at the beach and we were quite lucky to sight a couple of dolphins. Spent a while on the beach before moving off. Intended to head straight to Mandurah for the Canal Cruise but we made a wrong turn and got to an area with some food places. As the kids were hungry so decided to eat lunch there before moving off. Most of the restaurants were closed so ate at a Turkish restaurant that was opened. Left for Mandurah about 2pm and thought we could make it for the 3pm cruise, which was the last cruise for the day but we only got there about 3.15pm. Walked around the Mandurah Visitor Center area and BIL bought dinner from a Cicerello's branch there to eat in our apartment. The boss was a Chinese and he even gave us a plate of fried squid with chips to eat and said it was on the house while waiting for our food.

Area near the Mandurah Visitor Center

Cicerello's in Mandurah

"Fine" Dining in Saville - Cicerello's Meal

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