Wednesday, June 20, 2007

20 Jun 07 - Day 11 (Hay Street Mall & Murray Street Mall)

Left the apartment about 9+am on my own to explore Perth City. Took the Red Cat Service, a free bus service around the Perth City, and alighted near the shopping area. Spent the next few hours walking around the area, going into shops to look at the clothes and stuff. Got to see the London Court and it would really be an enjoyment to be able to sip coffee and eat breakfast there in the morning. The clothes in the shops were mostly those of the baby doll, baggy type and usually worn with another top inside. The coat, sweater, pullover sweatshirts and knitted wear were very nice but not practical to wear in Singapore so could only see but not buy.

Messaged sis about 11+am asking if they would be going to the shopping area and she replied to say they were just about to go out and arranged to meet me at the junction of Hay Street and Barrack Street, opposite MacDonald at 12 noon. So I started to make my way there slowly and closed to 12 noon, sis messaged again to say that they had arrived and that BIL wanted to go to the shop called Opal Exploration and that they would wait for me in front of the shop, Java Juice, below that opal shop. Found them and we went up to the opal shop and BIL bought a bracelet for his mum, a bracelet and a ring for my sis, a pendent for Lyn and me each. Those things cost him A$2200 of which A$200 is claimable from the airport. While waiting for him to make payment, I looked around the things at the counter and saw some key chains, opal chips and pendants in a small glass bowl. Out of curiosity, I asked the lady how much the pendant cost and she said about A$3 and she said she could give me one for free without much hesitation. Felt very happy about it and then we moved on to have lunch at a food court near the area. After eating, we took the Blue Cat Service to get to the Swan Bell Tower and I bought more souvenirs there.

Exterior of Swan Bell Tower

Birds in open field near Swan River

By the time we were done, it was 3+pm and we took a slow walk back to Saville. About 6pm, we ordered room service which they delivered the food after 45min. I had Apple Tart with Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream and Roasted Potatoes, BIL ate some chicken thingy, sis had pasta, and the kids ate pizza. Left for the airport around 10.30pm and we had some trouble checking in our luggage coz one of them was overweight by 2 kg and so BIL had to take out some stuff. Without recalling that liquid stuff cannot be brought up to the plane, he chose to take out his three bottles of olive oil. It was after they had checked in the luggage that I remembered it and asked sis about it. The counter lady said maybe the counter on the other side of the airport could help package them so that we could check them in but when we checked with that counter, we were told that they don’t have that service and that we either think of a way to check those in or discard them which means throwing away A$100+.

So in the end, BIL put the box of olive oil into Lyn’s knapsack and I gave him the extra number lock that I had brought along so that he could check in those three bottles of olive oil. By the time we reached the gate for the boarding, it was about 12 midnight, most of the shops were close and we had to board the plane at 12.30am. Quickly did the last minute shopping and bought two more sleeveless t-shirts. Boarded the plane and watched two movies in a row, Wild Hogs and A Night In The Museum while eating supper. After the second show ended, I took a short nap. After one hour, we had reached Singapore at 5.50am.

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